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Today many health insurance plans provide coverage for acupuncture. It is helpful to find out if you have acupuncture benefits and the details of your coverage prior to coming in for a treatment. If you need assistance with this feel free to contact me, I am happy to look this information up for you. I am an in-network practitioner with most major insurance companies in Washington state.

What to look for: Co-payment, Deductible, Co-insurance, Number of Treatments allotted annually, and any Restrictions.

*Please note: All patients are responsible for payment of any remaining amount after the insurance claim has been processed. This could be due to denied coverage, deductible not met, co-insurance, co-payment, etc. Payment plans are an option if needed.
Full Acupuncture Treatment (+)

Acupuncture Rates
First Office Visit: $140                            
Return Office Visit: $90                                           
Time of Service Discount: 20%                    
First Office Visit: $112                                
Return Office Visit: $72                                

Student, Senior or Veteran Discount: 30%
First Office Visit: $98
Return Office Visit: $63

Other Services

30 Min. Tune Up -Auricular Treatment, Fire Cupping, Acupressure or Moxibustion
New Patient: $70
Return Patient: $55

30 Minute Tuina/Shiatsu Massage
New Patient: $70
Return Patient: $55                                                    

Herbal Consult & Prescription
Initial Consult: $70 TOS
Return Consult: $55 TOS - a return consultation is only needed if we are reassessing the condition and changing the prescription or if there is a new condition being treated.
*This does not include the price of the herbal formula.

Please Note: Acupuncture visits include herbal consults with no additional charge, this does not include the price of the herbal prescription.

- Cancellation  Policy - 
There is a $50 cancellation fee if the appointment is not canceled 24 hour prior to the scheduled time.
You will be charged the full visit cost for a no-show. 

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